President and CEO Masaaki Hirosue

Towards a circular society

Chairperson of the Board, Masaaki Hirosue


For the future of humanity, nothing is as important as to protect the environment, and to value the existing and limited natural resources.

ONS operates on the philosophy: “small and excellent”. We aim to contribute to society through the recycling of resources.

To build a circular society, we bring to the next 100 years, the company ethos and the lead and tungsten carbide recycling know-how.

We have come thus far because of our team’s deep understanding of our role in contributing to the social good, and our passion to be an environmentally aware first-rate recycling operation.

We will continue to be active, with the cooperation and through value co-creation with our customers, suppliers, and our local communities. Through our operations, we aim to evolve our team and our company’s activities to help our irreplaceable planet earth thrive.

Management Philosophy