We are looking for new members
to take on the challenges of
the creative process.


Thank you for your interest in ONS.
There is a phrase “The people are your castle, your stone walls,” from a famous warrior. A strong wall of a castle is made from stones of many sizes and shapes.
A strong team is a team that fully enables diverse talents and experiences of its members.

As humans, we learn and grow every year.
Those who will thrive working with us are those who build upon their day to day work by asking why and how and creatively approach the challenges.
ONS is a group of respectful, skilled persons, full of personality. Chairperson of the Board, Masaaki Hirosue

ONS is a small company.
It is because of this small size that every single persons’ insights and experience is valued. Our work has impact on not only our industry, but the future of society.

We have been fortunate to be in the business of recycling for so long, because we have always valued technology, environment, and safety on par with doing business. Now is the time to dream and realise the foundations of the next 100 years.

We are looking for people who will stand at this beginning of a new adventure, and take the first steps with us.

If many things interest you, if the big picture is important, if you like to check things with your own eyes and feet, if you enjoy time making things, if you want to share and implement your ideas, if you want to synergise with supportive colleagues,

we look forward to meeting you. Please get in touch with us. President and CEO, Sachiko Hirosue